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Yet another in the growing army of Spitz-type pet dogs, the Japanese Spitz is a lap-sized breed, a descendant of Nordic longhaired dogs. Due to this very fact, there are certain dog behaviors and instincts specific to Japanese Spitz dogs only.These behaviors and instincts define the personality of the dog, and understanding these is imperative if you desire a well-trained/behaved dog. This book is based on years of experience and thorough research, tailored to help you choose, raise, train, and live in harmony with your Japanese Spitz dog.I have written this book by taking into consideration the breed of the Japanese Spitz and its abilities as the owners of this dog often ignore these aspects. Here, you will gain insight on the way the Japanese Spitz relates and interacts with its owner and the outside world.Once you've read this book, you'll be better equipped to own and take care of a Japanese Spitz so that it becomes the wonderful companion it's meant to be!Covered in this book:- Characteristics of the dog- Temperament- Pros and Cons- Costs- Purchasing- Puppy proofing your home- Daily care- Common health problems- Grooming- Feeding- House Training- Training- Tips and tricks.... and much more
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