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Traditional russian fairy tales reflected in lacquer miniatures - купить
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traditional russian fairy tales reflected in lacquer miniatures купить по лучшей цене

Do you have something that someone special once gave you that seems to offer you strength and protection when you need it the most? In 'Vasilisa the Beautiful', the young girl, Vasilisa, was given a special doll on her mother's deathbed. Let's find out more about this story… 'Vasilisa the Beautiful' is a Russian fairytale that features a young girl named Vasilisa and one of the most infamous characters in Russian folklore, Baba Yaga. In this story, the eponymous heroine is pitted against Baba Yaga. Vasilisa the Beautiful is in a collection of Russian folktales known as Russian Fairy Tales or Russian Folk Tales . The stories in this collection were compiled during the 19th century by Alexander Nikolayevich Afanasyev, who has been considered the Russian equivalent of the Grimm Brothers.
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