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The purpose of this book is to serve as a guide for designing, developing, andteaching learner centered online courses and/or modules of instruction. Chapter 1provides an introduction to online education. Chapter 2 provides information onthe resources and support needed to teach and learn in an online environment.Chapter 3 provides information and considerations in regards to the onlinelearner. Chapter 4 provides information on the domains of learning. Chapter 5provides information on learning outcomes and instructional objectives. Chapter6 provides information on online course interaction. Chapter 7 providesinformation pertaining to assessment and grading rubrics. Each chapter of thebook includes an application exercise.This book will assist the reader in understanding the important factors in regards to online education. This bookwould also provide the foundational information, tools, and resource information needed to design, develop, andteach a learner centered online course or modules of instruction. This book would be a valuable resource for anyeducator interested in teaching online and for those who may already by teaching online.Educators in a variety of areas wishing to learn more about online teaching, course design, and coursedevelopment could benefit from this book. This book could also serve as a text book for undergraduate andgraduate courses related to online teaching, course design, and coursedevelopment. This book could also serve as an administrative resourc...
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