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"This Pocket Guide provides a concise introduction to the IT4IT ReferenceArchitecture, Version 2.0, an Open Group Standard. The IT4IT standard provides avendor-neutral, technology-agnostic, and industry-agnostic reference architecture formanaging the business of IT, enabling insight for continuous improvement.This Pocket Guide is based on the IT4IT Reference Architecture Version 2.0. What'smore, it's authoritative with material derived from the official IT4IT documentationand contributions from members of the IT4IT Forum.The audience for this Pocket Guide is:• Individuals who require a basic understanding of the IT Value Chain and IT4ITReference Architecture• IT Professionals who are responsible for delivering services in a way that isflexible, traceable, and cost-effective• IT Professionals / Practitioners who are focused on instrumenting the ITmanagement landscape• IT leaders who are concerned about their operating model• Enterprise Architects who are responsible for IT business transformationTopics covered include:• An introduction to the IT4IT Reference Architecture, the structure of the IT4ITstandard, and the positioning of the IT4IT standard in the standards landscape• The IT Value Chain and IT4IT Reference Architecture concepts, including ValueStreams• The Strategy to Portfolio (S2P) Value Stream• The Requirement to Deploy (R2D) Value Stream• The Request to Fulfill (R2F) Value Stream• The Detect to Correct (D2C) Value Stream• A summary of the differences be...
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