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Professional English in Use Engineering is for engineering students and engineers who need to use English at work. Providing vocabulary reference and practice, it covers the essential technical English that all engineers need, as well as high-priority terminology for mechanical, civil and electrical engineering. Topics include Design, Materials technology, Manufacturing and assembly and Static and dynamic principles. Suitable for Intermediate to Upper Intermediate level learners of English (CEF Bl-BZ), this book contains 45 units and is ideal for self-study, classroom work and one-to-one lessons. Authored by a qualified engineer with professional experience in both engineering and English language teaching, you can trust this book to provide the specialist vocabulary that engineers really need. Explains new words and expressions and provides activities to help learners develop their understanding of new language. Encourages learners to apply the vocabulary they learn to their own studies and working lives through ‘Over to you’ activities. Uses authentic texts, real companies and credible scenarios to present vocabulary, ensuring maximum practicality for engineers. Includes a comprehensive answer key and an index with phonemic script, providing extra support for self-study learners.
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