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Stormy Alexandria Brooks was young, very intelligent, beautiful and successful. Most people would say she had it all. Those were the people on the outside looking in. There was one thing missing from her life; and that was her true love, Mr. Dalvin Jerome Bowers. He was also the same man who broke Stormy's heart, turning her into the cold hearted woman that she is to this very day. After giving him her all, she got nothing in return, but a broken heart; leaving her bruised and bitter. All of which make it hard for a new love, who has Stormy's best interest at heart. Stormy wants badly to put the past behind her and move forward. She suddenly gets a visit from the past leaving her no choice, but to face Dalvin, her long lost love, after five years. Dalvin and her new guy's goals are very similar and that's to win Stormy's heart. But little does Dalvin know, Stormy's a woman scorned, who lusts after the day that she will get revenge against the one that broke her heart. Will vengeance be hers?

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