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Треклист: 1. CD 1 I let a song go out of my heart2. Aren't you glad you're you3. As long as I'm dreaming4. Somebody loves me5. Trav'lin' light6. I ain't got nobody7. Oh! You crazy moon8. Goody goody9. Imagination10. You're driving me crazy11. Save your sorrow for tomorrow12. But beautiful13. Fine and dandy14. When a woman loves a man15. 'T ain't so, honey, 't aint so16. CD 2 Day in - day out17. Moments like this18. Fever19. The second time around20. One kiss21. My romance22. The vagabond king waltz23. I got a man24. Peggy Lee bow music25. Call me darling26. I love being here with you27. But beautiful28. Them there eyes29. Just for a thrill30. Yes, indeed!31. Peggy Lee bow / Exit Music
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