One Legacy of the Pandemic May Be Less Judgment of the Child-Free

A hashtag , introduced by the number sign, or hash symbol, , is a type of metadata tag used on social networks such as Twitter and other microblogging services. It lets users apply dynamic , user-generated tagging that helps other users easily find messages with a specific theme or content. Users create and use hashtags by placing a hash symbol in front of a word or unspaced phrase in a message. The hashtag may contain letters, digits, and underscores. A hashtag archive is consequently collected into a single stream under the same hashtag. The use of hashtags was first proposed by Chris Messina in a tweet, [3] that, although initially decried by Twitter as a “thing for nerds,” [4] eventually led to their use rapidly becoming widespread throughout the platform. Messina, who made no attempt to patent the use because he felt “they were born of the internet, and owned by no one”, [5] has subsequently been credited as the godfather of the hashtag. Because of its widespread use, hashtag was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in June This process is called folksonomy.

Happiness and the Patterns of Life: A Study of Geolocated Tweets

More than half of all tweets sent by members of the U. Congress between March 11 and 21 were related to the coronavirus outbreak , reflecting a dramatic increase since late January, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis. The surge in Twitter activity is one reflection of the extent to which COVID has dominated discussion among lawmakers on Capitol Hill in recent weeks.

All told, members of Congress posted more than 27, tweets related to the virus or the events surrounding the outbreak from Jan. To assess how federal lawmakers are talking about the current coronavirus pandemic, Pew Research Center collected all tweets from members of the U. Congress posted from Jan.

We saw a recovery to million in Q1 , after which point Twitter has is the single most-followed person on Twitter, with million followers at the time of writing. A MAN NEEDS HIS NUGGS”, with million retweets to date (​part of a of the iPhone, making social media an ever-present part of our lives.

Being in quarantine with no-one except for my dog has really tested my need for personal connection. In the past fortnight, I’ve been talking to my family every day, texting old colleagues, FaceTiming high school friends, and even talking to randoms on Twitter. I’ve scrolled up and down my contact list, wondering: “Who haven’t I spoken to? Maybe it’s just that, in times like this, uncertainty has been pushed into our lives like an unwanted guest.

I’ve found myself feeling unsure and scared. Just having that bit of connection with someone familiar makes me feel a little bit at ease. Something else that makes me feel at ease is knowing other people are also trying to, or have been, talking to their exes. Currently isolating in Sydney, Max lives with his two brothers and parents. For him, iso has been a time of reflection and DIY projects — revamping his car, rethinking career paths, settling outstanding conflict with family and even burying the hatchet with an old flame.

Inside Netflix’s eye-opening look at arranged marriage, your next reality TV obsession

As she made the long journey from New York to South Africa, to visit family during the holidays in , Justine Sacco, 30 years old and the senior director of corporate communications at IAC, began tweeting acerbic little jokes about the indignities of travel. There was one about a fellow passenger on the flight from John F.

Kennedy International Airport:. Get some deodorant.

But the data from dating apps offers some tantalising insights. Share on Twitter “It’s something that single people want to exist – it’s the romantic person” to “I worry about being abandoned” and “If I could live my life over, This shift has reflected the slight change in attitudes over the past two decades.

Emulating the historic gesture of support and solidarity , this emoji has a long-standing association with the Black Lives Matter movement. Emojipedia has conducted an analysis of the raised fist emoji along with related emojis and hashtags, to better understand the response to this trajedy and the ensuing conversation online. To conduct this analysis we collected a sample of , tweets that included “Black Lives Matter” and “BLM” either as a hashtag or as a text string.

These tweets were collected between on 4th and 5th of June and, upon investigation, Above: the top ten most frequently used emojis on our sample of , Black Lives Matter tweets. This data combines all skin tone variations for any relevant emoji into a single entry, why may explain the considerably higher usage numbers for this emoji. When compared to a general tweet sample, the difference is notable. The difference between the Black Lives Matter sample and the general sample is considerable, indicating the value of emoji skin tone modifiers in self-expression and representation in digital communications.

In a further analysis we investigated which emojis saw a significant jump in popularity within the Black Lives Matter sample compared to a general sample of tweets.

Emojis of #BlackLivesMatter

Halsey might have hit single called “Bad at Love,” but it looks like the singer has found happiness and romance with someone new. Halsey and American Horror Story star Evan Peters are dating , and have reportedly been spending time together over the last few weeks, Us Weekly recently confirmed. Rumors of a possible romance between the singer and Peters first began swirling on Sep. The outlet reported that they spent the day smiling and flirting with one another while visiting the Los Angeles theme park, with a source telling the paper that they were “looking into each others eyes” while waiting for the ride to start.

While there aren’t many details available about Halsey and Peters’ reported romance, the singer has often tweeted about her crush on the American Horror Story actor many times over the course of the past seven years.

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There is a lot of trash in the sea. Why are you single? Being 30 and single is like being at a petting zoo that just has tarantulas and feral cats. Who are we? Valentine’s Day plan: 1. Breakfast in bed 2. Chocolates 3. Watch movie 4.

31 Tweets About Being Single

On the afternoon of Oct. Within 24 hours, her post generated thousands of replies, comments and retweets and inspired thousands more original posts on social media, with women and men from around the world sharing personal stories. But many women who were not household names also spoke out: nurses, teachers, engineers, florists, waitresses and students — mothers and daughters, sisters and wives.

Some opened up for the first time about being raped.

Why you should delete your dating apps and look for #love on Twitter You can get a real (well, more real than FakeBook) look at their lives and MORE: 14 things that happen when you start dating after being single for a long time We need a national day of reflection to honour everyone we have lost.

A few weeks into the pandemic, a meme circulated among some of the mothers I follow on various social-media platforms. My friends were getting honest about how hard it is to raise children right now. I also read it as an indirect plea to not take my child-free privileges for granted. And then the pandemic happened. Add to that list middle-class parenting, long an aspirational experience, whose social protections are now showing themselves to be a bit of a charade.

These types of conversations have garnered renewed interest in recent weeks, and not just among my friends.

Halsey Is Dating Evan Peters 7 Years After Tweeting About Her Crush On Him

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Ariana Grande has had plenty of high-profile relationships, from her time spent with long term late boyfriend Mac Miller to her whirlwind relationship with Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson. Now, she’s moved on for good – she even made it music video official when she debuted her new boyfriend, Dalton Gomez, in her video for ‘Stuck with U. She’s currently dating real estate agent Dalton Gomez , who she’s been self-quarantined with , and he even appeared in a promo for her song Rain on Me.

In the promo video, Grande played a weather girl alongside Lady Gaga and employed Gomez to help with the special effects. Gomez who fans have noted bears a striking resemblance to Davidson was seen attempting to stay out of frame as he fired a shower over her umbrella. It was a stark contrast to his appearance in the ‘Stuck With U’ video, as his face was kept hidden as he danced with Grande in a bedroom together.

Here, we look back at Grande’s former flames, specifically, the ones who influenced ‘thank u, next’.

How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life

Sushmita Pathak. Is it a match? A potential couple meet up courtesy of a matchmaker in the Netflix series Indian Matchmaking. Netflix hide caption. A picky year-old from Mumbai whose unwillingness to marry raises his mom’s blood pressure. A headstrong year-old lawyer from Houston who says she doesn’t want to settle for just anybody.

Whether you are currently on the market or already in a romantic relationship, concern over being single has real consequences for your dating life.

Ever since I can remember, I was determined, even desperate, to find love. My life felt empty and lonely. I wanted to be happy and feel loved. I believed everything would be all right if only I had my man. For years my self-esteem was non-existent. I had no clue how to build a relationship with a man. I had no boundaries. I felt unworthy and unlovable. I started dating online.

Dating Tips From The Single Life Cast