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mascull b business vocabulary in use elementary to pre intermediate with answers купить по лучшей цене

Essential Grammar in Use is a grammar reference and practice book for elementary learners. Modelled on Raymond Murphy;s highty successful intermediate-level english Grammar in Use, its 107 units concentrate on the areas of grammar normally taught at elementary level. - Easy-to-us layout: grammar explanations on left-hand pages whith exercises to check understanding on fucing pages. - Reference grammar and practice exerxises combined in a single volume. - Thorough coverage of problems faced by elementary learnes, explained ib simple language with many examples and attractive illustrations. - Material organised in grammatical catrgories (e.g. tenses, questions, articles etc) but can be used in the order approprite for learners. - Can be used for self-study or as supplementary class material. - Appendices dealing with irregular verbs, short forms spelling and phrasal verbs. Clear contents list and index of grammatical items. - Key section contains answers to all exercises.
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