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""I believe McCabe's work to be of utmost significance to the currently deepening and crucial discussion of Bishop's oeuvre. Its interpretations are affirmative and enabling. Its feminism is synthetic and inclusive, liberating to any reader. Most important, McCabe's is the first book to present Bishop's poetry as a successful entirety, a coherent, humane, and progressive enterprise.""-Donald Revell, University of Denver""This book develops a coherent and interesting vision of Bishop's work, centering on a poetics of loss and of the homemade. Keeping in view the autobiographical dimensions of Bishop's writing as well as her consciousness of her gender and her lesbianism, the book sensitively explicates Bishop's complex explorations of isolation and connection, her ways of constructing an often soluble self through the imaginative action of memory. McCabe offers insightful readings of the poems, moving easily among Bishop's various works to highlight their connections, and drawing upon an interesting range of theoretical frames. McCabe contributes valuably to current feminist reevaluations of Bishop; she also joins current critical efforts to counter some of the reductive earlier readings that positioned Bishop only as a naturalist, an artist of precise and impersonal description.""-Lynne Keller, University of WisconsinElizabeth Bishop represents a full-scale examination of Bishop's work-poetry, prose, and sele...
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