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A missing Lakota girl. A gutsy woman sheriff. Lies. Secrets. Deception.When a Lakota girl goes missing from the rez, no one cares...except Sheriff Kate Fox.After dodging her meddling family’s efforts to pair her off, Kate is settling into single life as Grand County Sheriff…until Deputy Kyle Red Owl’s sister disappears. Shocked by the harsh realities of rez life, and after locking horns with a Lakota-hating sheriff, end-of-world preppers, and a greedy liquor store owner, Kate fears the worst.Lies and old loyalties collide with new secrets. Secrets someone is killing to keep hidden. As an outsider in the good ol' boys world of sheriffing in the Sandhills, Kate is determined to save the girl society has abandoned. But can she find her in time?Bitter Rain is the third book in the Kate Fox mystery series. If you enjoy CJ Box’s Joe Pickett and Linda Castillo’s Kate Burkholder, you’ll love this series, described as Longmire meets The Good Wife.For a wild ride in the American West with a fearless woman at the reins, pick up Bitter Rain today!Praise for the Kate Fox Mysteries: "Baker serves up a ballsy heroine, a colorful backdrop, and a surprising ending."--Kirkus Reviews

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