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Set in Paris immediately before and during the French Revolution, Andrea Chenier is Giordano's passionate and most successful opera. Jose Carreras stars in the title role as the idealistic poet of the French Revolution, and Maddalena, the object of Chenier's adoration, is portrayed by Hungarian soprano Eva Marton. A servant-turned-revolutionary, Gerard, also loves Maddalena, and when he is elevated to the revolutionary court, he wreaks his revenge against Chenier who is condemned to death - Maddalena joins him in his cell and they go to the guillotine together.Gerard, torn between political and amorous loyalties, is the Italian baritone Piera Cappuccilli. Act I - A Winter Evening, 1789, At The Chateau De CoignyAct II - An Afternoon In June 1794, In ParisAct III - A Revolutionary Court Roon Some Weeks LaterAct IV - Courtyard Of The Prison
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