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Key Words for Fluency Pre-Intermediate concentrates on those words which students need to communicate in English. It emphasises those very common words which occur in lots of different contexts and identifies around 150 nouns which are essential for fluency. Each unit deals with one word and on average covers 20 of its most important collocations, teaching over 3,000 lexical items. Collocation is the way words combine with other words in predictable ways. Knowing strong and frequent collocations is essential for fluency. Vocabulary teaching integrated with grammar. Common expressions. All words taught in context. Notes on each word. Full answer key. For class and for self-study. Invaluable for examination preparation: Cambridge FCE, CAE, Proficiency and IELTS. Studying Key Words will seriously improve your vocabulary! Формат: 19 см х 24,5 см. Рекомендуем!
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