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To Joel Buton When he was still a child. When you could already see a little glint, if attentively looking into his eyes. A glint slowly lighting in the darkness. And from that fragile glint, guessing in him, little child, the birth of his great dream. A Lost Little Girl left Her Happy Thought by Federico Parra Drawings Anastasia S. Parra Preface This is a story of courage and changing. A fairy tale, a great adventure, a growth. A nemesis, a social and personal revolution. Passing through the features of the high-sounding French names, you will enter in Alice’s Wonderland through its ventricles and narrow streets. You will meet the Aristocats and then you will go back to the 101 Dalmatians in a dreamy Paris. You will encounter distant memories of characters known only in the imagination of children, and you will meet other real but carelessly and unfortunately unknown characters! In this story, you will cross a good part of the vast and colorful world of fairy tales. You will travel with few bags to fill, at every single stop. Through a small arc of white roses, you will enter the garden of a faraway fairyland. You will enter a world that, in some way, it belongs to us and leads us to the true reality of our childhood… When animals and plants were able to speak. When a small stone could be magical. And when every happy thought, could also come true tomorrow! J. D. Goodman
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