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Grow Live Monsters is a selection from short "home-made' no-budget 8mm, super 8 and 16mm film fantasies made between 1971-1976. During high school, I began a correspondence with the underground filmmaker, actor, and performance artist Jack Smith, which led to a summertime meeting with him in 1973. Soon after, the formation of Destroy All Monsters began in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with artists Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw and Niagara. Most of the films revolved around this group of friends and the wall of noise we'd create in basement cellars and in live performance. The soundtrack is a mixture of vintage DAM with rearranged vinyl samples and recordings that reflect an appropriation of Smith's exotica aesthetic." - Cary Loren Grow Live Monsters (1971-1976) - The early films of DAM Shake A Lizard Tail Or Rust Belt Rump: Montage of latenight TV adverts, techno club dancers, and Z grade monster clips Monsters Redux: Quttakes, concert footage, band memoribilia, and photos. Dam Invades Seattle: Performance footage from Seattle, 2000. Hometown Horrors: Band photos and production stills.
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