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Once the veil of doubt and unbelief has been lifted from our eyes, the kingdom of God becomes visible to our heart and mind. Only then may we see the spiritual realm. Deep Calls to Deep A Devotional was written to inspire anyone who is seeking to perceive the miraculous hidden among the earthly and those who long to embrace the deeper aspects of the Word of God where divine truth and beauty abides. In this search, profound revelations of God and glorious truths about ourselves are discovered. Psalm 42:7 intrigued Terry May Marsh for many years. Those mysteriously elusive words “Deep calls to deep at the roar of your waterfalls; all your breakers and your waves have gone over me.” called to her. They resounded in her mind, beckoning her to discover the true meaning hidden in this alluring portion of Scripture, which ultimately inspired the title. Like many passages and verses in the Bible, they resonate with our spirit, compelling us to not only seek but to find the heart and mind of Christ. Terry shares many of her personal insights in Deep Calls to Deep A Devotional. She invites you to spend some relaxing moments enjoying this devotional in comfortable places of inspiration and insight into the Word of God.
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