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bryan edwards the history civil and commercial of the british west indies vol 4 купить по лучшей цене

Excerpt from List Of Manuscripts Concerning American History Preserved In European Libraries And Noted In Their Published Catalogues And Similar Printed ListsGeographically speaking, the field covered by the present volume is that of the present United States and its dependencies, and British North America, the West Indies, Bermuda, and the Bahamas. Material on the Philippines is not included, nor material relating to such West Indian islands as have not become British, except that in some cases items have been included which relate to the whole of the West Indies, where it seems probable that this material would throw light on the history of British islands. Material which, though it primarily concerns places outside the field of the book, nevertheless concerns times of warfare and relations with the British colonies during such periods, has been included. Items concerning the whole of Mexico, though inclusive of the regions which later became a part of the United States, have in general been omitted, but have been included if they concern particularly the northern portions of Mexico. It is probable that many of the items which mention California relate in fact to Lower California. Any material that seems to concern the French participation in the War of American Independence finds a place in the book, even though the items may concern events which happened in Europe or in the West Indies. Items relating to the Seven Years' War are left out unless they bear indications o...
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