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145 68 220 mm diy hifi oem custom aluminium extruded electronic enclosure metal box enclosure aluminium box diy купить по лучшей цене

Up to date, however most of previously mentioned studies have been conducted theoretically and numerically. Only few experimental work could be found implemented to investigate the heat transfer by gravitational vibration of fluid filled enclosure. Therefore the present study in this book aims to corroborate through incorporate experimentally and numerically the presence of vibration of natural convection in a side-heated enclosure at three kinds of experimental data presented.To impose an external forcing into the enclosure, a mechanical oscillating device that is attached to the bottom wall of the enclosure is constructed. Vibration testing system is capable of producing a generated force at the shake table, the amplitude which can be achieved with the heat transfer enclosure depends on the selected frequency.Thus, the excitation inside the enclosure is purely mechanical by the external oscillation of it. The impacts of the forcing frequency, the amplitude of the mechanical oscillation and the vibrational Rayleigh number discussed in detail.
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