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From Ice and Snow is a fictional memoir, sequel to The Protest. Jane Bernard has not seen her 12-year-old twin daughters for six years. She lost them to a religious hijacking perpetrated by their father, Reverend Logan Churlick. Jane is heartbroken and embittered by the loss, causing her to jeopardize her once-happy marriage with her great love, Bolivar Bernard. When her daughters are 18, Bekah reaches out to her mother causing her twin sister Darcy to want nothing to do with Bekah and to spurn Jane. Fueled by Bekah’s allegiance with her mother, Churlick's obsession to possess Jane grows more twisted, Will Churlick be successful in keeping Jane and Bekah from reconnecting with Darcy? Will Jane regain her daughters only to lose Bolivar? Will the strategy Jane sees as her only chance to save the marriage she has all but destroyed work?
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