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This concert from July 2010 was the last filmed performance by Gary Moore before his untimely death in February 2011. Gary Moore had been a frequent visitor to Montreux over the years playing a variety of styles. This show was very much a rock show and showcased three brand new songs as well as classic tracks from across his career. As a bonus there are four previously unreleased tracks from his 1997 performance at Montreux. Tracklist:01. Over The Hills And Far Away 02. Thunder Rising 03. Military Man 04. Days Of Heroes 05. Where Are You Now? 06. So Far Away / Empty Rooms 07. Oh Wild One 08. Blood Of Emeralds 09. Out In The Fields 10. Still Got The Blues 11. Walking By Myself 12. Johnny Boy 13. Parisienne Walkways 14. One Good Reason (Bonus Track 1997)15. Oh Pretty Woman (Bonus Track 1997)16. Still Got The Blues (Bonus Track 1997)17. Walking By Myself (Bonus Track 1997)
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