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The last ten years architectural practice and theory have seen the rise of the so-called fifth generation of modernists in architecture. This is a generation that, to varying degrees, has been influenced by the theory and practice of deconstructivism, a theoretical and practical paradigm that gained prominence during their education in the 1980s. Such exposure, together with the advent of and experimentation in computer-aided digital design, has evolved contemporary architecture away from the form-follows-function dictum and tenets of the International Style and the structuralism in architecture of the 1960s and 1970s. The aim of the "NeoArchitecture" series is to include the many facets and faces of architecture present in the practices of the 'youth' of architecture today. It must be noted that the term 'youth' represents those architects roughly under the age of 45 at the time of writing and includes firms that were established during the 1990s or even in more recent years, which have since arrived at some level of prominence either on the global stage, or within their respective national and broader regional geographical area of practice. Beyond presenting the breadth and variety of practice and sensibility of the fifth generation of modernists, a secondary aim of the series is to collate a representative section of established young practices that represents the geographic cross-section of major markets in which the main thrust of architectural practice is being pursued today. To this end, the series includes architects and firms from as diverse cultural and geographical regions of practice and sensibility as Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, Japan and Australia. In these regions, the interpretation and production of a contemporary modernist architectural sensibility, either for reasons of a predilection towards critical regionalism, or alternatively towards an international commonality of avant-garde architectural thought, remains markedly different. Формат: 24 см x 26,5 см.
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